May 22, 2015

“Collect as precious pearls the words of the wise and virtuous.”

-Abd el Kadar

Share the Love

Meet Frances Stauffer. At the still youthful age of 95, Frances volunteers as a receptionist and greeter twice a week at St.Vincent Carmel and Indianapolis. “I began volunteering at St. Vincent in 1982,” said Frances. Volunteering is why her heart is in this work.
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Saying Good Things

Someone's Saying Nice Things About You!

Staff nurse Jenny Allbright, Center for Healthy Aging, takes extra time to alleviate their fears, provides resources, ideas, dementia education, and more. I have had many families tell me that Jenny is great because she listens to their concerns and assists them as they navigate this new diagnosis. Read More →

In The Community

April is Occupational Therapy Month--Doer's Profile

April is Occupational Therapy Month--Doer's Profile Sara Furrer has received the recognition of the OT Doer for this month. Sara has been with St.Vincent for nearly seven years serving both our Pediatric Outpatient clients and our Adult Inpatients who have need of OT services. Read More →

Stories You're Sharing

Stories You’re Sharing: From a Hospice Nurse

Stories You’re Sharing: From a Hospice Nurse In 1999 my mother was diagnosed with cancer by the doctors at St.Vincent. As the oldest of three girls, my world was turned upside down. Not only did I have to help take care of my sisters, I also had to take over my mother’s responsibilities. Read More →